abide & Gather

New Life Women's Ministry

Abide-To Live or Dwell

John 15:4-9 Jesus is the True Vine, we are His branches, we Abide in Him and He loves us. Without Him, we cannot bear fruit.

Gather-To Assemble Together

Acts 2:42-47 The early church showed us the way to gather-"continuing daily with one accord...they ate together with gladness and simplicity of heart"

  • Sarah Christian

    Women's Ministry Leader

    Hello! My name is Sarah Christian (Richie) and I identify as a young adult. In 2010, I met and married the love of my life Aaron. Together we have two sons, Noah, and Ezra. Aaron is a shift manager at the Jackson Rancheria, and I co-own an Event Planning and Catering Company.     In March 2022, I was asked to step into the position of Women’s Ministry Leader. I was truly humbled but admittedly concerned. How could I lead? I went straight to the Lord and asked “Lord, am I ready for this?”. His reply was immediate and only one word. “No”. Whelp, I thought, that was fun while it lasted. But I felt called to press in further. Obediently I did and He revealed that I was not ready on my own, but in and through Him, I would have all that was needed for this calling. With that I realized I was an example of how our God does not call the equipped but equips the called. 

  • What is the heart of Abide & Gather?

    Abide and Gather has been this ministries title and mission for the past few years and that is going to remain our heading. We are called to Abide and Gather with and for our Father in all things. This brings unity in our marriages, within our homes, and with our Church New Life. My vision for this ministry is for our women to become unified and intentionally bonded together so when the enemy comes to destroy, we can stand ready and remain steadfast on His truth and press on fearlessly and with unshakeable faith.