The Bible Institute operates on two semesters per year; fall which begins in September and ends in early January and spring which begins early February and ends early June. Registrations for each semester opens 30 days prior to the beginning of classes and ends the day each class begins. Contact the registrar, Lila Grover for more specific information.

New Students: Download and print out an admissions form. Fill it out completely and

mail to: 

P.O. Box 515 Jackson, CA 95642 Attention: Bible Institute Registrar   


Classes that will be offered include:

  • Introduction to Biblical Exegesis - A course on Biblical interpretation and practical application
  • Foundations of Ministry - Defines the nature and function of the church from a Spirit-filled perspective
  • Introduction to Greek and Hebrew- Introduction to the use of a concordance and Lexicon for the purpose of transliteration of the Greek and Hebrew text of Scripture

SCHEDULE of classes: 

Introduction to Greek and Hebrew - Thursdays 6-9 pm  -Beginning September 7, 2017

Foundations of Ministry -Thursday 6-9 pm - Beginning September 14, 2017

Introduction to Biblical Exegesis - Monday 6 -9 pm  - Beginning September 11, 2017

All students ( New or Returning ) Must print out, fill out completely and return the forms for registration.

  • Student Registration form. 

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  • Schedule of course fee & costs worksheet

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  • Application for admission

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